Blake Paul


Meet snowboarding’s “Backcountry Prince”: Blake Paul. He shies away from this heritage granted him a few years ago, saying he’s just a rider that is constantly living in the “now,” inspired by his friends, and continually evolving, on and off the board.

But it’s undeniable when you get an intro into Blake Paul’s style to understand why he’s earned this “crown” and the opening section of SNOWBOARDER’s most talked about film to date, FOREWARD. Growing up the mountains surrounding Jackson, Wyoming, Blake has been evolving and impressing with a unique style for the last decade. And here’s the best thing: at the age of 22, he’s just getting started.

"The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword" Teaser


Coming from a family where snowboarding and pushing limits in the great outdoors runs in the blood, Blake was already strapping in and gliding down the snow-covered hills of Vermont’s backcountry at the age of four. A few years later his family picked up shop and headed west, settling in Jackson Hole, WY — a move that would forever distinguished the young rider’s career.

With mentors Aaron Robinson, Bryan Iguchi and fellow The North Face athlete Mark Carter influencing the scene like never before, Blake fell under the wings of snowboarding’s best at an early age, giving birth to his own unique to style and personality.

Coming into his own, Blake landed a standout section in teammate Lucas Debari’s “GO: A Snowboard Road Trip” and nabbed the covered of TransWorld Snowboarding by his twentieth birthday.

After setting the tone in SNOWBOARDER’s award-winning FOREWARD in 2014 with the opening segment, he will be back again this fall in the much-talked about SFD.

It’s not just Blake’s individual style and ability to ride all types of terrain that has set him apart from the pack. Off the board, the 22-year-old is an artist and writer. He has earned his own online column in Snowboarder Magazine in Fall 2015 and some of his latest art designs are not only influencing the direction of up-and-coming skateboarding/lifestyle brands, but coming to a store near you.

When he’s not on the mountain, you can find this Jackson-native exploring his latest bi-coastal love affair with NYC and Encinitas, CA, surfing, skateboarding and everything in between. Follow along on his latest adventures from mountain to sea and everything in between here.

Quick Facts


Home: Jackson Hole, WY

Nickname: Bproddi

Words to Live By/Personal Mantra: Live spontaneously

Three Things You Always Pack: iphone, art book, water

Training Nutrition: cheeseburgers

Favorite Book: Blue Mind

Favorite Movie: Empire Records

Weakness: Sleeping on the floor

Greatest Inspiration: my friends, Aaron Robinson

Dream Vacation: space

Most Humbling Moment: losing a friend

Cause I’m Passionate About: Drink Water

How I Relax: Draw and music

Favorite Destination for your sport: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Three Things People Should Know About Me:”

  1. Born in Vermont
  2. Two first names
  3. no tomatoes