Lucas Debari

Lucas Debari


In the shadows of Washington powder magnet Mt. Baker is the small town of Glacier, the home town of Lucas DeBari, athlete for The North Face.

Mica to Greenland


First strapping into a snowboard at the age of four, DeBari’s undeniable talent was first noticed in his early teens. After several successful years competing in the halfpipe, he grew jaded and decided to cut back - preferring sessions with friends in the backcountry powder to the cutthroat competition circuit. His undeniable park talent had an obvious influence on his riding in the powder

2008 saw DeBari, receive the prestigious ‘Rookie of the Year’ award in Transworld Magazine Rider’s Poll and it saw him fulfill a childhood dream by winning the Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom.

Quick Facts

Hometown: Glacier, Washington

Where’s the Best Pow You’ve Ever Ridden: Mt. Baker

Words to Live By: If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.

Nickname: Pukas

Favorite Destination for Your Sport: AK and BC

Favorite Movie: Oceans Eleven

Favorite Magazine: Snowboard mag

Favorite Piece of Your Sports History: Craig Kelly switching from halfpipe to backcountry and changing the sport

3 TNF Products You Always Pack: thunder down jacket, blue kazoo sleeping bag, triumph anorak

Cause: POW—Protect Our Winters

Proudest Moment of Your Career: winning the Baker banked slalom

Theme Music: Iron Maiden

How do You Prepare for a Day in the Backcountry? black tea in my thermos, lots of exta food and warm clothing

What Advice do You Have for Staying Safe Out There? Don’t be stupid, follow your gut feeling

Favorite Place to Travel: anywhere I have never been before. I love seeing new places and meeting new people whose lives are vastly different from mine

Career Highlights

  • Snowboarded Denali 2011
  • Opening part Absinthe Films NOWWHERE 2010
  • Rookie of the Year TWS 2009
  • 1st place Mt Baker Banked Slalom 2007