Comment entretenir ma veste The North Face


To properly care for your The North Face jacket, you should consider the material type of your jacket and read the precise cleaning instructions on the label inside your garment.

Whether you've opted for a 3-in-1 Triclimate Jacket  or a  Deptford Down Jacket , your jacket has its own care guidelines and it's important that you adhere to them to keep it in pristine condition throughout your adventures.


How to take care of a The North Face jacket

As mentioned above, all The North Face jackets have their own cleaning instructions specified on the label inside the garment, detailing how to care for and wash them. There is no one ultimate method to care for your jacket as each one differs depending on the material used for each collection.

However, there are a few steps you can take to maintain your jacket's condition outside of the label instructions for all The North Face models. Anyone can learn to care for their jacket, regardless of their material. Avoid thorny branches when you go for a walk in the woods, clean up mud stains as soon as you get home, and hang your jacket up to prevent wrinkles. All of this will help extend the life of your jacket and keep its appearance.


How to wash a North Face jacket

The cleaning and washing method depends on the material of the garment. Some jackets can be machine washed cold, while others should be hand washed or professionally dry cleaned instead.


How to wash a waterproof jacket

Whether the outer portion of your The North Face jacket is FutureLight or DryVent fabric  like the  Sangro Jacket , cleaning instructions are often the same, and washing your waterproof jacket regularly can actually help maintain its durable water repellent (DWR) coating.

Our FutureLight jackets are machine washable. We recommend that you zip up all zippers and close all Velcro closures before washing, including those on the sleeves which can sometimes be overlooked. You should use a delicate powder detergent, not a liquid, before washing in cold water on a gentle cycle. In order to remove all laundry residue, we recommend that you double the rinse cycle before hanging your jacket to air dry.

How to wash a fleece jacket

Fleece jackets are quite durable and therefore can be washed in the same way as waterproof jackets, which is very handy if you have one of our  Evolve II Triclimate jackets , which have removable fleece and liner. raincoat.

We recommend that you check that all zippers are zipped and all Velcro fasteners closed before washing them with a mild detergent on a cold cycle. For optimal care, you can turn your jacket inside out before washing to avoid wrinkles. After washing, air drying is the best method for your fleece jacket .


How to wash a down jacket

Down jackets, like the   Stretch Down Jacket  , are made from goose feathers, making them more difficult to clean than waterproof or fleece jackets. However, regular cleaning is essential to maintain the high insulation of the down and ensure the durability of the garment.

It is possible to clean your  down jacket  yourself, but you have to be careful: when it is wet, the down becomes lumpy and if it is not dried properly, it will no longer be effective as before. We recommend that you take your down jacket to a professional dry-cleaner to be sure you don't damage it. However, if you wash your down jacket at home, we recommend that you use a very mild detergent and cold wash, before machine drying or air drying and flat drying.

Visit our   website  for more information. Regular cleaning of your  The North Face  jacket will keep it in the best condition for its entire lifespan. By following the care instructions specified on its label, you will enjoy your jacket for many years to come.