Jessica Pilz


Top 5 career highlights

  • 1st place at Winter Military World Games (2017)
  • 1st place at IFSC World Lead Cup Chamonix, (2018)
  • 1st place at IFSC World Championships, Women’s Lead, (2018)
  • 7th place at Olympics 2020
  • 1 st at World Games 2022


Jessy, from Haag in Austria, is an exceptional international boulder and lead climber.

Jessy displayed a natural ability for the sport from the moment she first touched a climbing wall at her local gym. On the advice of her trainer, Jessy entered a local climbing competition which would lay the foundation for her now glittering career.

Before long, Jessy was competing in national competitions and after breaching the top four rankings she entered her first international competition, in the form of the Youth B category. It was obvious that Jessy possessed immense talent, and from this moment she has gone on to achieve great success in her young career.

Jessy has achieved amazing things at countless IFSC Climbing Lead World Cup appearances and other ISFC event, and Jessy has also performed admirably in outdoor climbing where she has secured two redpoint 8c+ routes in Oliana, Spain. A career highlight was achieved when Jessy competed in the Olympics in Tokyo last year.

We have no doubts that this young climber will continue to achieve great feats

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