This Week
in Ultra Running

Once a year the trail running community descends onto Chamonix for one of the biggest weeks in the running calendar. Seven races take place across the week, with distances ranging from 10km all the way to 300km with runners of every level showing unimaginable displays of strength, commitment and heart.

Amongst the thousand of runners, our The North Face athletes stood tall, running incredibly to once again show
the proof is on the podium.

Zac Miller (US) and Germain Grangier (FR) closed out the UTMB distance, completing the 171 kilometre course with 9,963 metres of elevation to place in 2nd (19:58:58) and 3rd place (20:10:52) respectively. It didn't stop there, with Rod Farvard (US) also finishing inside the top 20 with 17th (22:32:59) place.


Across the other distances, CCC saw another double podium for The North Face. Over the 100 kilometres on the course with over 6,000 metres ascent, the runners battled it out over an extremely competitive field resulting in Jon Albon (GB) finishing in 1st place (10:14:25) and Jiasheng Shen (CH) quickly following in 2nd place (10:22:30).

That was just the start, with The North Face athletes Seth Ruhling (US) finishing in 6th and Tara Fraga (US) placing 9th to dominate the top 10.

The next podium accolade sits with last year’s UTMB champion Katie Schide. Fresh from securing a brilliant 2nd place at Western States, Katie took second place in OCC, holding off her competitors on the final bend to cross the finish line in an amazing 5:26:26.

The OCC race also saw strong performances from fellow athletes on The North Face team, with Michelino Sunseri (US) placing 26th, Stephanie Howe (US) taking 30th, Erika Flowers (US) coming in 40th. All incredible performances over the 55 kilometres and an elevation gain of 3,500 metres.

All of The North Face runners wore
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