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Meet Dennis Ranalter

Dennis Ranalter started skiing not long after he could walk. Growing up in a small village in Stubaital in Austria this was actually pretty common – skiing is one of Austria’s national sports. But Dennis stood out, not just because he was one of the few people of colour on the slopes, but because of his creativity which drew him to the park from an early age.


‘For me, skiing is the best way to give free rein to my creativity and passion. It’s where I feel ultimate freedom.’

He quickly began competing in slopestyle both locally and internationally. But Dennis’s creatively extended beyond the mountain. Together with his friend, Spencer Keirnes, he created the skiing web series Black & White. The series became so popular and launched so many other film side-projects that Dennis was able to stop competing and focus full-time on filming.


‘This was a turning point for me. I wanted to discover new places and put all my energy into my ski film projects, in front of and behind the camera. The work behind the camera, the creative part, has always inspired and impressed me. Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved to take a completely different perspective and capture things differently.’

His film projects capture the beauty of skiing and snowboarding, showcasing all the lines and curves of nature’s mountains and a rider’s interaction with them. Together with his camera and skis he explores new places to acquire a new perspective. We can’t wait to see what’s in store next for this creative skier.